Tuesday, August 11, 2009


First project in a while...first blog post EVER!

Decided the night before we left for it, to make a small wedding book for my husband's cousin. Taking just over three hours to make, I'm proud of the outcome; I tried to keep it simple to avoid overwhelming myself (futile - happened anyway!), and left space for bride & groom to add photos later should they chose.
I am a quote JUNKIE! Should you follow my blog, you'll see it in my work. I used lovely, positive quotes about marriage on the main pages and made a separate, tiny book which included all the funny, snarky ones. I used to make my own accordian books by hand, but for this used a prefab Martha Stewart one (save time and sanity)...I am a sickening perfectionist and tried not to overthink the project, but I spent A LOT of time obsessing over layout etc. I generated the color scheme from the one piece of patterned 12x12 paper I started with - I will get better about including brand names and product details in the future!
Also, since this was my first blog post in my life, I uploaded the photos backwards. Doht!
More projects to follow - I am aiming at one a week.....and despite owning MOUNDS of supplies already, I just discovered Etsy and am looking at a PILE of new stuff that was just delivered to me at work. WHEEEEEE!

Wrapped and ready to go!

Accompanying card

Cover ("J" for couple's last name); partial view of fold out pages

Close-up, page 3 / tag

Last page; card holder w/ mini mini!

Love the new pop out build-your-own K & CO. flowers!

Simple and room for photos...


  1. Erin!! Oh my gosh.. she's gonna cry when she receives this beautiful mini!! you did a wonderful project...and yeah..and did it in 3 HOURS!?? HELLO!!:) ok.. your a super woman!! :) thanks for sharing .. i'd sooo love to see a video on it!!:)
    with a grin,

  2. Erin-- this came out fab!! You amaze me--