Thursday, October 8, 2009

CCC Mini Album Swap!

OK - FINALLY upoaded photos and video of the mini I did for the Craft Craving Chicas swap a while partner was Danielle and although her suggestion was an album based on her two teenage boys, I scrapped that after finding our Danielle had A LOT going on her life. She needed something for HER. Anyway, I used a kit I ordered from and added alternating four inch square chipboard pages to build it up a bit. I had a lot of fun and won't lie...I wanted to keep it!


  1. HI Erin!! :) OOO I have to go find the video to this mini! It looks so super pretty! But I love that you 'scrapped' her suggestion on her 2 teenage boys!! You are so very kind and sweet to make her a mini for herself!! sometimes we forget about ourselves... so its nice that others remind us! YOUR PRETTY COOL! THANKS FOR SHARING
    with a grin,

  2. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! HAVE a Safe & FUN Weekend!!!